Potential collaborations you'd like to see

A collaboration that I’m thinking of for awhile is Gustavo Valletto (Solcito Musica, VST) and Dr. Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult, VCV & Eurorack). I don’t have any specific module or project in mind. I am simply curious if they could find a way to work together on something… anything.

Another one is Sam (Look Mum …) and DanT (DantTModules) probably.

Do you have any other dream teams in mind? Any Eurorack manufacturer or VST/VCV developer?

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Ha! I would love this also, if you could just send me a few subscribers first…



We already have a couple of his sequencers:


Just for completeness and for proper cediting, the BigButtonsSeq2 was not really made by Sam (LookMumNoComputer), it was more a spinoff suggestion initiated by @jsmonzani :slight_smile: