Portamento Legato?


i need a glide only when two notes are overlapping in MIDI.
Is there a simple way to achieve that without enveloppe retrig ?
I could use a slew module but how to active it only when 2 notes are pressed ?

Thanks you in advance !!

PS: sorry for the doublon topic (i posted in the wrong category)

You are probably going to need to wait until v1.0 of Rack for polyphonic capabilities to do a true legato slide… as currently Midi is monophonic so you cannot send two overlapping notes via midi.

The way I do slides, in monophonic, is to use gates to trigger a slew or use a sequencer such as the Impromptu ones to generate slides.

OK it’s not very convenient but i will try like that.
Thanks for your answer anyway !

I don’t have the answer but the standard “midi 4” module gives you 4 notes input, so you can detect if you have two simultaneous gates and then trigger your slew limiter somehow.

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Yes thanks !
I just saw it (i’m new on VCV…)

In case you were still searching for this, i found a solution for this. I have 1 midi-cv module which controls my monosynth. I added a second midi-cv module, which receives the same midi information. I made this one polyphonic, and sent the gates to the split module. This way you get two separate outputs when notes overlap.

You can use a logic module to send different signals when there is 1 gate and when there are 2. These trigger a sequential switch. Output 1 of the sequential switch allows the original CV to output towards the VCA, output 2 let’s the VC pass through a slew limiter first.

I’m pretty sure someone with more experience will be able to solve this in a simpler patch, but I was quite pleased with the new glide function on my Lil Erebus…

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Thanks you