Poor Man's Buchla

Some Weast Coast style synthesis.


nice patch! i’d love to hear more in that vein.

nice patch

what is the cycles module left of plateau?

would yo
u mind charing the patch for education?

It’s Rings from Mutable according to the knobs, but I have no idea if it’s just a different skin or a mod. I’m interested in knowing too.

Wouldn’t it be Tides?

Oh yeah, sorry, don’t know why I said rings lol

Here’s the patch for anywone interested :slight_smile:

The module next to Plateau is a custom panel I made for Cycles (Tides version of Aepelzen’s Parasites which have the parasites firmware), that is dark so goes easy on my eyes and a svg file, instead of a png one, so it still looks nice when zooming in. I wanted to make the whole set of Aepelzen’s Parasites into svg, but left it a WIP since I have a lot of work with college. It is a fork on GitHub, but currently there is only Cycles, but I plan on finishing all the modules soon. It is a little bit ugly still, but I plan to improve it.

Also, if someone could help me with the licensing stuff for this, it would be great, because I don’t want people to think I’m stealing anyone’s work.

are you aware of southpole parasites? that covers tides and clouds, but not warps.

and i can help with the licensing stuff. i have experience in open source development. send me a private message.

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I think i’d also use the other Nysthi buchla copies like the clock and the sequencer. Hopefully, eventually the whole music easel will be done.

I was thinking about using those modules, so it could be a little more faithful to the Easel, but also wanted to make larger sequences than just the 5 steps of the Nysthi module, although with less fine tuning capabilites.

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Oh, yes, but I didn’t remember that it has Tides, tought it was only Clouds hahaha. Oh well. On the other hand, Cycles also has built in quantization, so that a feature that may come in handy. :smile: