Polysynth w/ Presets patch

I’ve looked around on patchstorage and havent found anything so asking here… any public patches exist that have presets already in them? juno-esque or any poly synth really, would be fun

A VCV patch IS the equivalent of a preset on other synths, so there you go.

There are a few patches that attempt to emulate the components and behavior of hardware synths, and there are modules to help with emulating “presets” (as in a predefined set of parameters to a given set of components) but when doing modular, most people focus on doing modular.


I meant like, has anyone uploaded a patch with a lot of transit or 8face presets. Like a juno with several classic juno-esque presets stored in an 8face

Maybe start by creating a Roland Juno-ish synthesizer? A pretty basic ‘classic’ synth.

For example following this step-by-step tutorial by synth/VCV wizard Jakub Ciupinski.

Roland’s Juno in VCV | Tutorial

Since each patch may contain/use different modules (with each their own settings) and/or have different connections, ‘presets’ are a bit of a thing.

You might need to save the whole patch (or parts/strips) instead of just saving the states of single modules using 8FACE.

You can ‘easily’ expand/change functionality to emulate some other classic (semi)analog synths, since these older synths tend to have pretty basic architectures.

E.g. many have 2 (or 3) (de)tuneable oscillators. Many have an extra envelope, so you can have a dedicated envelope for amp and for filter. VCV has many envelope generator modules (AD, AHR, ADSR, faster/slower, curve control etc.). VCV also has many filters (e.g. HPF, BPF, LPF, ladder, diode, K35, SEM etc, to emulate various ‘famous’ filters, slopes and topologies).

Some of these classic synths have added synthesis concepts like RM/AM or FM/PM or osc sync, that can be emulated in VCV Rack.

VCV Rack has many options for many other concepts/components you might need. Either as a dedicated multifunctional modules (e.g. filters or waveshapers) or as core building blocks (e.g. logic).

Hope this helps…

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