Hi, is there a (drum) sequencer within VCV that has the Polyrhythms trick from the Arturia Beatstep pro, where you can set different step lengths within a sequence, if not clear take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj9f__cvuTw&t=137s


Quad Euclidean Rhythm by Frozen Wasteland should do what you are wanting. It’s a 4 track sequencer each with their own step length.


Valley’s ugraph


Valley’s Topograph as lomono suggestied is a good one too.

In regards to my earlier suggestion, it doesn’t really give you a lot of control if you wanted your hits to land in specific places. So my alternative suggestion would be to use something like Mental’s Clock Divider (it has /3 /5 /7 which could come in handy for polyrhythms) to the different resets of VCV’s Pulse Matrix

So it’d be something like this:
clock > clock divider > mess around feeding Pulse Matrix resets (RST) with different divides from the clock divider and placing your hits in Pulse Matrix > your drums/whatever else. This is just off the top of my head so not sure if I’m just making stuff up :wink:


gonna check it out, thx

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just as a fun alternative to sequencers, you can self-patch rampage(ie left side EOC into right side trigger, & vice-versa), manual hit one trigger button to jump start it, adjust the 4 rise/fall faders(like from left to right make them low,medium,medium,low as a starting point) and it can turn into a crazy clock by just adjusting one fader(like the right fall) to slow or speed it up, which u can use the 7 different gate outputs with separate clock dividers and get some wild polyrhythm stuff going on.


Interesting idea @AdiQ, I’ve got to try that! Thanks!

Aepelzens Gate seq let you have 8 tracks with different lenght


The Impromptu Phrase-Seq-* modules allow you to set the number of active steps in each sequence. Multiple instances of those modules can be synced with one another, or otherwise interconnected in some interesting ways. For instance: since you can set whether gates 1 and/or 2 are active on each step, you can use one gate on one sequencer to advance another sequencer by one step on whichever steps you choose.

The Pulse Matrix modules are also useful for things like this, since each row has its own clock and reset inputs. You can even self-patch the module so that (for example) one row or column sends a pulse to the reset input of another row, causing it to return to the first step.