PolyRec CPU spikes?

I get quite frequent CPU spikes when using @synthi PolyRec (both regular and PolyRec64) when running in Rosetta on an M1 Max laptop. I end up with glitches in my recordings as a result (I think because it causes the patch to glitch from being over the CPU limit). Glitches seem to happen regardless of module settings. Anyone else experiencing the same behaviour?

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I’m using a Windows laptop, Win10. As a test, I can get really big periodic spikes if I set my output file to a WiFi network drive (not something I would recommend). When the destination is my local SSD, how I usually record, there is a very slight bump. Looks like the spike could be the module writing a buffer. I don’t get any glitches in the recordings, either local or network. Where is your file being written? Another thing to check would be if your OS is mirroring/saving into a cloud drive.

I’m writing to a fast local SSD with no cloud mirroring

Is your patch saved locally too? Just trying to rule out Rack’s autosave as a possible suspect.

At one stage I was using YouLean VST, and I forgot a setting that made it accumulate a lot of data. Saving that caused glitches, especially over the network

Yes, patch is also saved locally. I don’t think it’s disk performance but it is interesting that the glitches are periodic. It’s as though some kind of buffer gets filled and then CPU usage goes up when it flushes to disk

I would think the flush to disk would be on a different thread.

You should log an issue with NYSTHI. The link is in the module context menu.