Polyphony on Novation Launch Key 49 -Help

Hi Ya’ll…

I am waiving the white flag - Not exactly sure what i’m dong wrong but for some reason i cannot get normal Polyphony to work using my Launchkey 49 midi keyboard. I have not tried another keyboard yet.

I have the fat cable from the VCV Midi-CV module going from v-oct to a capable oscillator (chose Woldemar)… then from there another fat cable going to the VCV Mixer, and finally out to the VCV audio then to my M-Audio interface… The cable going from the VCV mixer to the Audio interface is not a fat version, if that matters.

I have chosen many different n’s (number of voices) and for example now i’m on 4.

Here is what i get for each behavior:

  1. Rotate - Hit one key works fine, all subsequent keys do not work unless i release initial key and then hit another key 4 times, on the fourth strike it will turn on again.
  2. Reuse - Hit one key works fine, after that it wont make a peep unless you move up and down the keys and then randomly seeming it will make another note.
  3. Reset - seems to work great, all keys work fine UNLESS you try to use polyphony and it will ignore any key you kit while holding down another.
  4. MPE - works like mono, everything seems great except if you try for polyphony i.e. holding down at least two keys at a time it just goes to the new note.

Am i misunderstanding polyphony? My goal is to get a huge 80’s sound with about 4 oscillators all playing one note or one chord. maybe four keys at once… its common on analog synths like the Korg minilogue for example, or my native instruments stuff. Its called Poly mode in the Korg, up to four voices.

Please steer me in the right direction, many thanks!

I don’t think that Woldemar is polyphonic…

edit: seems it is… sorry.

I just tried it with the VCV VCO-1, no change. Also, the Woldemar shows the fat cables and also it says ‘polyphonic’ under the v/oct input and says polyphonic in the description… so i just assumed.

Yes, you’re right. I can’t see anything you are doing wrong. You can use PolyScope or PolyProbe from Amalgated Harmonics to check the signals on the polyphonic cables.

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Ok cool i’ll check those out i wonder if its the novation or my usb or something? hmm…

Post a screenshot of the patch.

Cool Andrew, thanks for helping… its going to be something very stupid on my part i’m quite


vcv-poly-test.vcv (8.4 KB)

edit: i just tried out my Komplete Kontrol 49 midi, same behavior… its probably my usb or computer setup. I hope its not my vcv screw up!

The problem is the monophonic CV control of the mixer, it opens only the first channel.

Very cool… let me swap mixers.

The main problem is that AS ADSR is not polyphonic, so you’re generating a monophonic CV signal and sending it to the mixer. Remember that polyphonic cables are fat and you need to use them in all locations in your synth voice.


This did make the gate output a fat cable (AS ADSR allowed for a fat gate in but not envelope out!!!) so its all fat cables now see attached pic… same behavior tho.

You should usually use VCV Sum to sum the polyphonic channels into a mono cable. You don’t need polyphonic cables beyond the VCAs, so I’d personall put two VCV Sums there, or a VCV Mixer and then one VCV Sum.


Confirming that using the VCV sum worked great, i can use one sum for the L out and one sum for the rt. out. I have to use option 3 ‘Reset’ and the polyphony is spectacular.

Thanks for the help i hope this thread helps others in the same situation.

Jeff Check


When I’m messing about with polyphony I usually reach for PolyProbe from Amalgamated Harmonics to see what’s going on. Also I tend to use a stereo mixer and send the poly signal into it with Stocaudio Spread. Your mixer setup is giving me a twitch arm.