Polyphonics on Mixers

I don’t know if this is the right topic forum. I just want to know how would all of this new poly cable and polyphonic would enhance the mixing consoles? Would we be able to increase the amount of effect sends and returns without using more screen space for the mixer(s)?

It might marginally help if you are carrying stereo (or quad?) signals around, since you could shave off a port and possibly a fader (or have more stereo faders with pan knobs.)

Most of the room is probably the faders to control individual channels. You could design one that was modal, ex. a row of ‘select this channel’ buttons and then have a touch screen to adjust the volume. That would give you a significantly larger possibility for input/outputs but the usability is going to be less than amazing.

Does this mean that mixers with mono channels (such as console) will be able to function like stereo channels (like NYSTHI mixers)?

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Not automatically, no. If they code in specific support for it then yes.

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That’s exciting. Will be buying Console if it upgrades to have this, it’s the only thing holding me back.

This is now available on the Plugin Library and is no longer a work in progress