Polyphonic sample & hold quantiser

I’m on the hunt for a quantiser that can be set and updated/changed using polyphonic cv input so that the quantiser tracks pitch/harmony as this is input from a generative source. So, kind of like polyphonic sample and hold, but also a quantiser. Hope this makes sense - any help greatly appreciated! (I’ve not yet been able to find a module that does this…)

I’m not sure exactly what you want to do, but I use Grande Quant. I input scales from my Meander sequencer to Quant.


In Rack V1 we had the “Poly External Scale” standard proposed by Aria Salvatrice and implemented in her quantizer modules and in my Meander. Aria and her modules are not available in V2.

the Frozen Wasteland Probably Note quantitizers will do what you want (and a lot more)

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I’ve used QAR quite extensively, but haven’t dug into PN – looks this is the occasion to do so – thanks!

Yes I followed the fall(ing) out there. A real pity…