Polyphonic Sample and Hold Plugin?

Is there a polyphonic Sample and Hold plugin? I wish I had something that has 1 polyphonic input, 1 trigger that samples every channel on the input, and 16 outs. I can rig it up with a splitter, a clock divider, and two S&H8 plugins from ML Modules, but it would be nice to have something that does it all in one small plugin.

If there is no such thing, I think I might write one as my first plugin.

I think the Bogaudio S&H is polyphonic since last update

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That works, thanks. I can just connect the output of the Bogaudio S&H to a Splitter

Computerscare Debug also can work as a polyphonic sample & hold. It can be clocked polyphonically, or from a single channel, and has an internal random generator with selectable voltage ranges (via right-click menu)

Leakage from Vult this also has a Range and offset.


there are 2 POLY S&H (the 2 ASR… if you use the first step output is just a S&H)


I could probably make VCV Random polyphonic if you add a feature request to the Fundamental repo.


I added that feature request to the repo

Actually, each line of the ML Modules S&H 8 is already polyphonic. Just use only one of them, and that should do what you want. No need to split and merge the signals.

That works! Thanks Martin.

Are you sure ? I tested it with all the other suggestions and yours is “missing” something as seen in this pic.

And the patch :

SamplHoldML - 22112019.vcv (16.1 KB)

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OK. Thanks. I will check.

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Hi Martin, thanks for the update…

I kinda hoped that this update 1.0.4 would fix the S&H8 issue, but it didn’t. As far as I can see only 4 of the 16 channels are processed by the plug in.

That is weird. It worked on my tests. I will have another look.

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Works if sent a poly trigger but not a mono triggerSamplHoldML-MTvsPT.vcv (24.4 KB)

Thanks Martin for update 1.0.5 S&H8 now works as expected :+1::smiley:

Finally. Sorry for the long time to fix it.

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