Polyphonic effects

Is there any way to add reverb, delay or any other effects to polyphonic channels without using too much space?

From the look of this:

it appears that only the Surge reverbs are polyphonic, and a similar search using the Delay tag can help to more easily spot the polyphonic delays.

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Do you mean you want independent effects for each polyphony channel, or just apply the same effect to the summed (aka mixed) polyphony?

If an effect module doesn’t sum/mix up the polyphony channels at its input, it is not following the VCV guidelines, and it should be reported to the module developer.

edit : Interestingly enough, for example the VCV Fundamental Delay module does not do that summing! This can be worked around by routing the polyphonic signal into the Fundamental Sum module and from that’s output into the effect’s input.

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Is there any benefit for using a polyphonic delay/reverb that has only 1 type of setting for all the channels, instead of using 1 stereo send on a mixer?


Thanks for the help!

benefit for Intel - it will use a lot more CPU for the same sound.


Yeah! Hard to think of one for the typical use case for reverb (as space): putting sounds in space(s) at the mixing stage. For that kind of use poly modulation would be better applied at the mixing + summing into send bus stage than on the reverb itself.

@param260507 for the reverb as space use case where you want to do advanced modulation on each channel beyond what a mixer can do, VCV soundstage is arguably more like what multi channel reverb should look like than a ‘poly’ reverb module.

I guess there’s weirder uses cases like setting up the reverb more like a resonator stage in a synthesis signal path. The rare poly reverbs we have - like surge - are worth a look for that. So is using stoermelder MIRROR with your preferred reverb modules.

Afaik it actually wouldn’t be quite the same sound, but not necessarily in a desirable way depending on the use case. (Like sending stereo signals through a pair of identical mono reverbs vs using a true stereo reverb.)

Just remembered that there is a polyphonic delay from Stocaudio:

I’ve only really used it to make flangers manually but you could do more than that.

edit to add that Rackwindows has some poly effects but not there reverb. They have a weird reverbish thing called Distance that’s poly but I don’t think that’s a reverb as such.

Hmmm. From the Surge Manual page: “The FX handle polyphony by summing a polyphonic input automatically.”

So, it’s really only half-polyphonic? There should be another tag invented for this sort of behaviour. As it is, I can’t find an reverb module that outputs a polyphonic signal.

“back in the day” it was very common for a reverb to sum both inputs and generate discrete L and R outputs.