Polyphonic CV/Audio for VCV VST Instances

So, this thread got me thinking about using multiple instances of VCV and how to span cv/audio across multiple VST instances. While it’s easy to use multiple VCV VST instances with monophonic signals, polyphony audio/cv support for the Audio Out modules could be awesome.

Being able to merge and split audio or cv across VSTs would provide a lot of flexibility for routing when working in a multiple monitor setup, for example. It would also be helpful for breaking up a large patches across VSTs.

Can you name a single plugin host that would support this? Because this would need a full rewrite of existing plugin standards to achieve :wink:

I’m not thinking of DAWs being able to process polyphonic data of course; only the signals between instances of VCV.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, and i don’t use it myself, but does this not do what you want:


Thanks, that works within a signal instance of VCV but never thought to try it with multiple instances. :thinking: Hmm, wonder if that will work…

Nah…it won’t.

It does work across multiple instances of the Rack plugin - or at least it did - haven’t tried for a while and it came as a surprise to the Little Utils developer so that ability was never intentional.

I only ever tried it with clock signals though - I’m not sure I would rely on it for Polyphonic audio… not sure if Teleport even supports polyphony.


Interestingly, Teleport does work for CV, and also supports polyphony. Merge and Split for signals between VST instances works. Audio doesn’t appear to be working correctly though. The signals are messed up on receiving end. Would be awesome to see this updated to work for audio.

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