Polyphonic chords with 'Stereo' and 'Master' by cf?

I like the ‘Stereo’ and ‘Master’ modules by cf (https://github.com/cfoulc/cf) and would like to use them with chords (polyphonic, e.g. from DiatonicCV by Aaron Static).

However, their output seems to be monophonic and I do not see a setting for polyphony in the context menu.

Can these modules produce polyphonic outputs?

Thanks in advance!

email the author for request? Right-click module->info->Author Email->copy to clipboard

Or even better, file one on his github. Right-click module->info->Source Code

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Yes they are monophonic, in order to use them you need to sum the signal down to mono ( as you probably know ) like this :

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Thank you for the idea! For now, I contacted the developer by email as suggested.

Many thanks you for taking the time to respond and for the confirmation of monophony! Using the SUM module is a great workaround :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hopefully the developer will eventually release polyphonic versions of the modules.

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