PolyGene - powerful 16 track euclidean sequencer in VCV Rack | PatchFromScratch


This is spicy. A lively performance. Polygene is looking insane!!! I am quited hyped to play around with this module and might be messing with similar patching concepts. Way cool.


Thank you!

Just put together a quick patch using Polygene to trigger FM modules. It worked pretty well! Good job!


I have an issue with Polygene’s polyphony. It sends only one channel (even with a Split). Did I do something wrong ?

Hi! The number of polyphonic channels will be set by the clock input so, in this case, you’re using a monophonic clock so you will get only one channel. You can use something like PolyMult from BogAudio to multiply the number of clock channels and by that have also multiple channels on the sequencer.


Thank you Omri, I remembered something with the clock but impossible to find the solution !

Works like a charm

Have fun :slight_smile:

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This is in the manual :wink:

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My one gripe about Polygene is it’s lack of a Reset input, makes it difficult to sync up with other sequencers.


The Sync input is basically a reset. It doesn’t work for you?


I have previously got feedback about sync not working, but it turned out to be because sync is polyphonic, so to sync 16 channels you need a 16 channel input. That can be done with something like the Fundamental Merge module, but in v2.0.0 I added a context menu item to let people change the behavior of the sync port.