poly pitch shifter

Hello, I would be interested by a new module: a polyphonic pitch-shifter than you can tune and so you can play a melody and chords from a sample (here I put a small patch doing more or less what I would like…)

If some developer is interested I would be happy. Have a nice day.

why you don’t use nysthi::sussudio to do chords with a single sample ?

(do you know that you can play chromatically all nysthi samplers ?)

Hi, I know I can play your samplers chromatically but changing the speed of the sample (and it’s not really what I want…). I am doing kind of “improvised concrete music” so I have a patch with 4 musicalbox (32 samples) and all is going to a matrix (patch matrix from Mental) where i can decide what to do with each sample… so sussudio is not good for this (but It’s a nice module). And I would like to have possibility to play chords with one of the 32 sample (but not always the same)…

wow! good luck! Too complex for me !