Poly crossfader / scanner

Is there a module that currently lets you scan thru multiple polyphonic channels or a crossfader that fades from one poly channel to another? in the latter case i would just use several of these to achieve my goal.

Computerscare’s Soly Pequencer will scan through poly channels.

You can scan (without any cross-fading) through a poly signal using Computerscare Toly Pools via the “rotation” knob/CV input.


I’m not sure if it would work exactly how you are asking, but I think Nysthi Vector Mixer is polyphonic. So, if you had like 4 separate stereo polyphonic signals, then you could cross fade between all 4 at once. But crossfading between each channel that makes up one polyphonic channel, maybe use a Split module and run 8 of the channels through Octal Router?