[POLL] which improvements would you like to see most in vcv?

  • m1/arm native builds
  • better performance
  • better usability
  • more/new features
  • bugfixes
  • stability issues fixed
  • more platforms fully supported
  • make pro version cheaper
  • streamlining interface, better accessibility
  • faster workflow options like auto-connecting modules
  • more modules
  • better modules
  • more hardware clones
  • something else (comments)

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something else: mandatory documentation.


what is the purpose of this poll?


Lol, more hardware clones!

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Better VST plug-in integration in the standalone version.

What does that mean?

An easier way to integrate and chain them before or after modules like Mindmeld console for instance, or to synchronise them with the timing (as an example, this work really badly with Serum using 24PPQN), or getting midi data wich not always work fine for some of them, or more audio outs (i’m only getting half of them with Microtonic) . The Host module is convenient most of the time but when i need chained EQ, ducking, compression, etc… for only one track before or after the console, it can become bulky really fast.


More Doepfer filters

To collect opinions for cornucopia’s own possibly nefarious purposes.

That’s a good enough reason.

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something else:

  • better module browser experience (search, custom lists / multiple favorites, including module selections in the browser)
  • clock stability / Midi syncing with the VST/AU plugin on all Plattforms
  • ability to do faster than real-time „bounces/recordings“ of patches

This for me is very important - a lot of modules I don’t use, or don’t get the best out of them because I can’t figure them out. I know it’s outside the skill set of most module developers, and I realise that a large part of the fun of modular is tweaking and fiddling. I just think it’s a pity that some great modules are under-used because of this.


By mistake, I thought the Clock/MIDI unstabilities are only under Windows platform (they’re 2019 post about this, I have commented couple of days ago), due to USB unstabilities under Windows platform, or similar pretexts: Most DAWs and C.M. softwares run perfectly (including CA Voltage Modular, a compete product) including MIDI sync vs. other softwares and/or external hardware as master clock (eg. Arturia BeatStep Pro, as sequencer & master MIDI clock source).

In my humble opinion, the CLK / CLK/N / MIDI sync/unstabilities (even by using PPQN resolutions) will stay alive as long as floating numbers remain as “simple precision” (float C/C++ type, for variables, instead of double) inside Rack engine API. Simple precision float is perfect for voltages, but unsufficient for precise timings. Also, perhaps a “bug” somewhere inside included 3rd-party library…

Also, VCV Rack (even v2) doesn’t embed a high-precision (& reliable) standalone clock/reference timer. As example, if you don’t use correctly configured) AUDIO-x module in your current rack (even while you don’t need AUDIO-x module), all timers run too quickly, whatever the choosen “Engine Sample rate” setting.


:white_check_mark: to be able to switch off the mouse light

That is all, thanks.


can be done already, check view menu->light bloom. However that also turns off the light bloom when room brightness is turned down…

Just a small one - preserve mappings in saved selections.

(I realise Strip++ enables this and the request is likely far from “small” as far as implementation details go)


Would be keen to be able to run two instances of Rack side by side and copy/paste module selections between them.


I would be fine with that - I’ve never been a big fan of light bloom. I typically have mine turned down to 10%. But alas, I don’t see any effect on the flashlight intensity. The flashlight remains constant, even when light bloom is fully off. I’ve tested on Windows and Mac, both at version 2.3.0.

Besides a flashlight on/off switch, it would be nice to have a slider to control the brightness.

A keyboard shortcut would be great for an on/off switch. Or maybe a keyboard modifier for a mouse button.

Mostly touchscreen and multi-touch support.


Mandatory documentation? You must be kidding. If documentation is important to you, just post a question here “What module has documentation that is most like module xyz”? I, personally, would never use a module that doesn’t have documentation. Clearly others don’t feel the same way.

I’d like to see the brand drop down menu in the module browser arranged as a grid instead of a list so we don’t have to scroll down.