Poll - vote for a UI layout

Ah, got it, I removed that. I’ve also added a poll here.

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Poll added :slight_smile:

+1 to @jonathan.moore1 's bit about needing context.

Also, seeing as this appears to be a multitrack sequencer, you need a way to indicate which track you’re currently programming.

IMHO this is fine as minor usability concessions are made; for instance cf’s modules actually animate controls that are modulated so you can see what happens. Or having knobs change to their pre-set values when a preset bank is selected. (Koralfx does a neat but annoying middle; Presetovnik will show you what the memory is for a given knob but the knob itself remains static and you have to first turn it until it syncs with the display before it will move the stored value. This is probably fine behavior for a cabinet but I can see how one might tire of it in software.)

Keeping with the wire nest, faceplate designs and whatnot has its charm, although maybe not all the usability fails should be copied too.