Poll for plugin devs

When Rack v1.0 hits us and we have polyphonic cables, what will you do with your plugin?

Check all that apply:

  • My plug-in will not support polyphony
  • Not decided yet
  • Replace all dual stereo in/out ports with single poly ports
  • Replace some dual ports with single poly ports
  • Keep dual stereo for old patch compatibility, but detect if one of them is poly and use that instead of both.
  • Make all my mono ports support 2+ poly cables.
  • Make some mono ports be poly if I think it makes sense.
  • Going to use polyphony also on some CV ports.
  • I look forward to poly cables
  • I do not look forward to poly cables
  • Something else, I’ll write a reply
  • This poll is stupid, I won’t vote

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I suspect I will add polyphonic versions of some of my modules alongside the existing modules where they currently have multiple instances (6 gates for example).

I don’t think many of my modules would benefit from a direct replacement, because normalling could not work the same for many of them. So polyphonic versions would most likely be in addition to the existing versions.

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I think they’re going to create some headaches and complications, mostly around being able to visibly tell what cables are carrying multiple channels or not and knowing when ports expect them. Also probably a need for general adapter modules.

On the plus side, I think they are probably a boon for utility cables. Carrying ambisonic XYZW around a mixing board, data from chainable modules, stuff that isn’t “musically interesting” and just needs to be shuffled somewhere else. As much as I don’t really care about having to wire up L and R channels, I really would not want to have to keep wiring up multi-channel surround sound.

general adapter modules should be trivial.

I’ve previously built polyphonic adapters for vcvrack as part of a proof of concept.

There’s a video on my youtube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCgELufzcsJTeyz1wgRxz2Sw

FYI, Grayscale and I are working on a polyphonic utilities plugin for VCV so that third-party plugin developers don’t have to make a bunch of simple utilities for polyphony to be useful. Might be ready when Rack 1.0 releases.