Plugin update announcements: better in 'Annoucements' or 'Plugins'?

(Adrian Likins) #1

Wondering which sub forum is most appropriate for plugin update and release notes announcements. Announcements? Plugins? Other?


I plan on using announcements, when I have something to announce.

(Stephan) #3

as andrew wrote, it should fit in announcements :

(Andrew Belt) #4


(Alessandro Bonino) #5

It would be nice if developers used one thread each, and not a thread for every update. Just a thought.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #6

Yup, agree, and if you look in the Announcements category, Andrew has pretty much ‘implemented’ that now.

(Alessandro Bonino) #7

I thought it was happening naturally and I liked that. Anyway, very cool, I’d try to enforce that behavior.