plugin HOST with Dexed


By looking at this video:

i have some questions to ask

1)to plug Dexed to HOST in VCV Rack,Dexed must be in standalone?

2)which kind of OSC(VCO),ADSR,LFO and effects must be choose in VCV Rack to reproduce the same OSC in Dexed?

With the most basic at the repeated number, will it work to perfectly reproduce the sounds of Dexed?

3)when Dexed is recognized from HOST with the good OSCs in VCV Rack:

a)if i choose a preset in Dexed,will each parameter of the oscillators(VCO), ADSR, LFO and effects of VCV Rack be synchronized to the right value of the oscillators, ADSR, LFO, effects of Dexed?

b)If i choose a preset in Dexed,will the different types of connections between oscillators(VCO), ADSR, LFO and effects be automatically established (in my opinion not!)?

4)previous questions with Serum instead of Dexed

5)previous questions with Massive instead of Dexed


My advice is…

Watch some VCV Rack videos on YouTube. Reproduce patches to see how things work and learn how things link together. Read the online manuals. Learning to fish is more rewarding than continually asking people for fish.


dexed is a great FM synthesizer .

you should use the Dexed vst version in the VCV Host module .

you can reproduce the Dexed using mostly of the oscillators of the VCV Rack, or using the Valley Dexter

if you are not familiar with the FM (usable ) synthesis, the main goal is how the Carrier is modulated in the time by the modulator , you should modulate the amplitude of the modulator to achieve different result on the carrier. (the frequency of the modulator mater too, as well if it is already modulated by other modulator or by itself )

everything else is experimenting.

open the dexed (serum and massive ) , then try , and tel us how is going :wink:

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Yes, there are actually several FM VCOs in VCV. The Bogaudio FMOP is the most popular, by far. I have one that’s a copy with a lot more features called Kitchen Sink.


yes, the FMOP is my default to make FM, and is great to know you have one too since your modules are very high quality :ok_hand:

(ps I just recommend the dexter since it have a knob to select the algorithm, is nice if you are novel with fm )

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oh, no problem! Dexter is quite cool. Oh, and also, I should point out that the Bogaudio modules are all very high quality. At least all the ones I’ve looked at carefully are, and I assume most of the rest are, too.

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Dexter is great but Terrorform is greater. (And FMOP and Kitchen Sink are great too). Some of my first youtube vids were with Dexter back before I knew anything at all about synthesis. Or production. Or anything really.

well, sure, but Terrorform isn’t FM is it? My little sub-chat was about FM synths in VCV. Or maybe Terrorform does good FM? Have to confess I’m not sure.

Terrorform was originally a standalone version of the operators in Dexter and then got a bit…compilcated. I think it was always meant to be used as FM but does a load of other stuff. Looking at the manual (Terrorform) it has various FM modes.

ah, cool! Thanks.

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You seem to be under the impression that by opening Dexed in Host, the VCV modules somehow duplicate it? or become it? That’s…not how it works. So…

a) no

b) no

  1. same - no

  2. same - no


Terrorform does both “True” FM where the frequency actually is being modulated, and DX style which is phase modulation, which has the side effect of modulating frequency but retains the original phase of the carrier signal.


Oh, cool, thanks! yeah, most of my “FM” VCOs actually use phase modulation, for the usual reasons that I’m sure you are familiar with: PM doesn’t have that problem where DC builds up and make you go “out of tune” and PM tends to sound like it has the same “FM” depth across as the freq varies.