plugin folder disappeared

This is probably more a windows issue than a Rack problem, but it’s quite impractical nonetheless.

After upgrading Rack, it seems my plugins folder has disappeared.

The VCV2 folder is present in the documents folder, but the plugins folder isn’t showing up in there. All the while the plugins load fine into VCV, and in the log file and settings.json Rack seems pretty confident that the folder is there. I just can’t see it.

Any suggestions?

Rack 2.2, windows 10 (you might have guessed that)

Right click on a plug in and go to info - > open plug in folder and see where it takes you ?


Now it gets interesting. This takes me to the plugins folder, which is indeed where we’d expect it. But if I go up one level, the plugins folder is not showing. For some reason Windows thinks it should be hidden. Although I set windows to show hidden files and folders.

:thinking: this is just weird. Can’t help you any further.

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