Plugin Favourites in VCV RACK v.1.0

Has the ability to create a favourites menu been removed in VCV v.1? The new display of every plugin installed is wonderful, especially when one can remember that a plugin exists and what colour it is but can’t remember the name.

But, it can also be very distracting especially especially for those suffering dyslexia. It would be great if I could create a sub-set of the plugins installed that I use regularly and at the same time have rest available for those times that I load someone else’s patch which included plugins I only occasionally needed.

Am I missing something? Is there a hidden key combination I haven’t discovered?

It’s gone. The plugin manager will be completely overhauled in version 2 according to Andrew and there will be a web based interface to individually select modules within a plugin.

So, rather than having a long list of things you do want, you will be able to remove what you don’t want.

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Thanks Nik, I was hoping it was as easy as the usual Mac solution (select individual ‘brands’, hold Shift for contiguous selection, hold Command for non contiguous selection).
If only life were that simple.

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Usually I select the modules by name, faster than searching in any kind of graphical list.


Though browsing through the graphical list – narrowed down by category of course – is a good way to find a module you haven’t used yet.

Yeah, just like hitting the win-key and typing what you need. That worked great in 0.62, quick and responsive. There’s nothing wrong with the graphical picker, it simply shouldn’t be the main/first option (it’s far too slow and visually laggy for that, till all the graphics have loaded). It’s for when you take some more time to look for something; an action that is far less frequently done than picking another one of the modules you use all the time. So my vote would go for a hybrid approach. At least make it an option.
As for the favorites list: I won’t really miss it, because that list grew way too large anyway, so it got pointless rather quick. Right click and typing works perfectly. I have brains for my favorites.

Currently dearly missing in v.1.0: the cf modular mixer. Love that thing for my stupid routings. Hope it’s back soon.

New favorite toy in v.1.0: that Erica wavetable oscillator. Holy cows. This is drone machine, drum machine, anything. And it sounds amazing. Just like that, without much more. Add a filter. Maybe some reverb, and you’re golden. Lovely.


There’s a new module called MyLittleFavorites by digitalhappens. It seems to work pretty well. Each instantiation of it can save up to 8 favorite modules, which can then be loaded with a button press. You could save multiple presets of the module to save different combinations of favorite modules.

Of course, I immediately wanted to see what happens when you try to set MyLittleFavorites as a favorite within MyLittleFavorites. Unfortunately, nothing exciting…

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I just upgraded to 1.1.1 from 0.6.2c this week, and my difficulty in seeing the graphical choices has been my only real obstacle. The menu “zoom” feature zooms the actual rack, but does not zoom the manager. Hovering over each graphical blob so that I can wait to see a text hint (IIRC dark grey on black) is a horrifically inconvenient way to look for modules.

Other than that, all of the other updated features I notice so far seem like great improvements. But this one thing nearly prevents me from being able to use it.