PLUGIN AUTHORS: Help migrating existing plugins to Rack v1

thanks! got it.

Oh, these panel designs look amazing, great work @pyer, again!

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Yea, if you forget a setModule call you get a crash. And don’t expect gdb to explain why either. The stack trace will just show a death deep in Rack with no mention of your plugin :thinking:

There really should be an assertion and “this plugin is broken” pop-up for that.

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I just opened a pull request on Github to update the StochKit modules:

Waiting for the owner to (hopefully) get back to me…


i’ve started implementing polyphony in the repelzen modules, starting with refold. i would like to implement the “advanced” simd optimization, but i’m a bit out of my depth here. where do i need to add float_4, where [c / 4], and where not? if someone wants to lend a hand, i would be much obliged:

(i’m also considering dropping the alternative mode, since it doesn’t seem to make a difference.)

float_4 is a vector of 4 floats. If you want to support up to 16 channels, you need an array of 4 float_4s. See How polyphonic cables will work in Rack v1 for more information.

the PR was merged :slight_smile:

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i had found that, and that was my starting point. i have also found a couple of examples of how it was done in open source modules (tho to my surprise i also saw quite a few who didn’t use the advanced method), since that is the way i learn best. but i am too much of a noob… i guess i’ll need to keep trying, and study more c++, until i figure it out.

Hello all, the author of the fine PvC plugin just announced that he will try to port his plugin to v1.
Maybe someone could assist and help him if he needs help?


Hi, I could use some help with porting the plugin I’ve developed for Rack v0.6.2c. It is a single plugin called Vocode-O-Matic (which you will find under the name Sculpt-O-Sound), so that should not be too much work to convert.
I’ve managed to create a working copy for v0.6.2c by looking at example code but since I’m not really fluent in C++ I have difficulties in understanding the changes needed for v1.x. I tried to follow the migration steps but am running into troubles after that (see branch here: Possibly it is best to start again but with the guidance of someone more experienced in C++. Can anybody help?

Hello rackeadz!
The long lethargy had made me forgot I made a small plugin for the 0.6.2 VCV version. Nothing too big, just a collection of panels inspired by the sacred art of 8 bit games!
Here there is the repo on GitHub -->

Now, I would like to update them to the latest version of VCV and, finally, put them on the official repository but being all but a programmer I have found some difficulties in the upgrade process.

Again, I have the subtle suspect I am missing something “small but essential”.

Can someone point me out some documents to fill my numerous gaps of ignorance about?

I am still searching but maybe someone has come across this thing before me and can point the right path…

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

How far did you get in the migration process?

Well, I didn’t even started.
I read THIS and honestly I understood less than 5% of what was written there so very likely I will ask for someone for help and… Well…

Do the migration job for me or something like that because really… It is like an obscure lingo to me! :frowning:

I mean, maybe I could do it but very likely it will take eons.

Hello there!
I badly need a help for the migration of my plugin… :frowning:
It’s just a collection of panels, nothing active but I am not a programmer and when I read the steps for manually migrating the plugins I totally got lost so…

My GitHub is HERE (sorry if this post is eventually redundant).

I hope I will be able to expand, eventually, the panels in the future… But for the moment it is more important to update them and hopefully to include them in the official VCV repository

Thanks a lot! :grinning:

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I’ll do it.


REALLY??? :heart_eyes:

Oh wow, I read your PM!! Thanks 1024 times!!!

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Hi All,

Strum here but by a different Nick

I’ve started updating the Mental module code, shouldn’t take more than a few days to get it done.


i think someone else is having a go at it.

Yeah I was aware, hopefully we can work together on it, but I’ve looked at it and it’s not a huge job, i’m in the coding zone now, should get it done in a few days from now.
It seem the more complex modules that have custom widgets present most of the difficulties, and my modules don’t have many, if any of those.


OK, so i’ve completed the migration process as per the instructions up to phase 2.10 , module compiles and loads but crashes when i open the module browser.

Any suggestions?