Plugging Light Bulb into Stereo Receiver

What would happen if I connected a light bulb to one of the speaker outputs of a home theater receiver (the receiver manual says 75 Watts per speaker channel)?

I guess you would only hear a little light music - Mozart perhaps :smile:


Or perhaps music from Electric Light Orchestra. :musical_score:


back in the day people would put a light bulb in series with a PA speaker. It worked like a limiter/compressor.


I’ve heard this too. It is because as the lightbulb passes current it heats up so its resistance increases, limiting the louder (more current) sounds. There is something about the impedance changing though meaning it isn’t the greatest idea if you want to keep your amps and whatnot working well. That might be true, but it equally might not :grin:

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no, it’s fine for a solid state amp. the light-bulb heats up, the impedance goes up, less power goes to the speaker. solid state amps don’t mind high impedance - they like it.

Do you think the light bulb would light up?

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Ah, ok. Cheers