Plug and not play

I have crappy 32 bit computer i use for the internet my other computer 64 bit used just for music production isn’t allowed on the internet is there a work around to install plugins into the VCV rack for this Newbie.

I guess you can always copy the files that contain the plugins to the other computer and it should work :slight_smile:


[This is probably me producing an overly complicated solution, but …]

This may be more effort than you want to get into but if you clone or download this repo regularly it will give you the latest versions of all the plugins in the plugin manager: Some of these are binaries but most are source code. You would then have to transfer it all to your 64 bit box and figure out how to run the build scripts.

Might be quite painful to set up in the first place but once sorted you could then write a script to do the lot in one go.

Otherwise you will need access to another box that can update by the usual methods and then copy the plugins subdirectory as suggested.


#/ Install VCV on internet pc, start VCV and login with the application to download everything you want from the library through VCV (now in 0.6.x still called plugin manager).
#/ Close VCV.
#/ Dont restart VCV.
#/ Browse to the plugin folder of Rack in documents folder, you will see the downloaded plugins sorted by their names as zip files in that folder.
#/ Copy all the zip files that are in that folder to a thumb drive.
#/ Paste all the zip files from the thumb drive to the plugin folder of Rack on your production pc. respectively Documents/Rack/plugins.
#/ Start VCV on the production pc, all the zip files will be unpacked by VCV.

And now they are available on your production pc.

You can repeat this process every other day, or once a month.
Depending on how much you want to stay updated with the latest of the latest of the latest of the…!

The internet PC is 32-bit. I don’t think VCV will install ?

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Ah yes, overlooked that.
So then he will have to use some other pc somewhere else!