Plosives module?

Hi VCVers

Anyone know if there’s anything out there that can generate plosives (vocal consonants) - like Vox Inhumana only for consonants? I guess it’s possible to create your own using Marc’s Shapemaster, but it would be a big undertaking.


There are vowel and speech synthesis modes. From the MI website…

Vowel and speech synthesis

A collection of speech synthesis algorithms.

HARMONICS: crossfades between formant filtering, SAM, and LPC vowels, then goes through several banks of LPC words.

TIMBRE: species selection, from Daleks to chipmunks. How does it work? This parameter either shifts the formants up or down independently of the pitch; or underclocks/overclocks the emulated LPC chip (with appropriate compensation to keep the pitch unchanged).

MORPH: phoneme or word segment selection. When HARMONICS is past 11 o’clock, a list of words can be scanned through by turning the MORPH knob or by sending a CV to the corresponding input. One can also patch the trigger input [3] to trigger the utterance of a word, use the FM attenuverter to control the intonation and the MORPH attenuverter to control speed.

AUX: unfiltered vocal cords’ signal.

It includes whole words, which you could sample or slice to get the specific sounds you want.

Thanks FL!

I must have missed that when I read the Plaits manual.

Feels a bit like cheating, sampling real voice though. I’d prefer something synthetic. I’ll definitely check it out and see how it sounds.

Best Regards, Chris.

Yeah, I know it’s not exactly what you were looking for. But it might be the best option right now. Unless someone else can think of a mod that generates consonants. I couldn’t think of one.

Not sure if it’s the sort of thing you’re asking for, but there’s SAM from NYSTHI.

Doesn’t sound like cheating to me. fwiw, it’s very easy to make a sample bank of a few samples and play them in SFZ Player.

Ooo thank you existentia. That looks cool. Wonder if you can pitch it. Now if only there was a manual…

It’s good fun. Not sure I can do Donna Summer with it though :rofl:

Here’s a wiki with the phonetic language

Cool. thanks Jens!

This one is even better:

Yep - found it. Thanks. It works!

Hi, have you checked out FW’s everlasting glottal stopper? While conceived as a companion module to Vox Inhumana, there’s no reason it could not be used on its own - sent through some kind of envelope/vcv, id think it could do some interesting consonant sounds without having to rely on samples


Hi Eric. Yes, I’ve used it with VI. I didn’t find it had much variety of sounds, but maybe I missed something.

Well it’s pretty basic - a glottal model and some noise

Here’s an interesting paper for bilateral plosives that lays out a model including cheek expansion and lip constriction, in case anyone wants to make the ultimate synth voice capable of “b” and “p” sounds only.

@cc1, your interest may extend beyond those two consonants. Can vouch for FW EGS for interesting synthetic sounds.

that’s a cool paper - may be able to include some of it’s algorithms in an updated version of EGS

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that was my secret hope :slight_smile: