Please push the M1 native Vcv Rack 2 Pro!!


Vcv Rack is M1 native ready. We can run it with a small chunk of modules? Fine. Better now with smaller amount than nothing at all.

I would rather pay 200 bucks for a M1 native with just a few modules, than the Pro 2 with Drum machines, reverbs, and other cool modules which can’t run on the M1 at all (GaragedBand, Logic, and future native M1 Reason will work only with M1 Vst bridge, It seems non M1 plugins won’t work on the native M1 apps at all)

If someone start making the official Vcv Rack M1 ready out, all developers will follow suite… if the switch is not made, nobody will start converting the modules… It’s that simple/…

We are lucky Vcv is Linux native… what if Linux was not there when Vcv was released??? Would we have to stick with windows for the time being???