Please make a forum section for discussion specific modules

I often come to the Development forum looking either for general VCV Rack knowledge or answers to specific questions. I am annoyed by threads discussing someone’s specific module. These topics belong elsewhere.

Please make another forum section for developers to post information about their own module designs and invite comments so it doesn’t clutter up the Development category, which imho should only be technical discussion of coding, the Rack API, and topics that are generally useful for those of us writing plugins.

Isn’t this what the existing “Plugins & Modules” category is for?

Perhaps threads about particular plugins need to be moved from the “Development” category to “Plugins & Modules” category.

I’d been thinking “development blog” → “development forum”, but I’d be happy to have my thread moved elsewhere if it works better that way.

The problem seems to be that threads are properly put in the development category, but then the discussion goes off topic?

#development is for “Plugin development, the Rack API, C++, DSP, and panel design.”

#plugins is for “Questions and tutorials about specific plugins/modules and building patches with multiple modules.”

The issue is topics that ask for ideas or feedback on a specific module… these often come up in my searches even when I restrict to only the development category. I have no interest in threads about someone else’s modules… I DO have interest in knowing specific technical problems and solutions those other developers faced while writing said modules.

If you need help with a specific problem why don’t you ask yourself ? If other people have had the same, they will reply and help

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Yep, just make a detailed and specific question in the developer forum.