Playlist of adventures in vcv / soundcloud

Found vcv over a year ago, perfectly when I was getting interested in Eurorack. Played a lot, learned a lot, then had a break, until now when I read about the mi-rack-thing [discussion closed here, I really regret buying it…].

Well, at least it ignited a new flame for this wonderful music engine. So, yesterday, as I was in bed suffering from severe manflu, I made another small song. Below my evolving playlist of vcv-adventures.

Enjoy & please comment –– all feedback welcome. My goal is to go slower, but as an old punkrocker, it is really hard :skull:


Found it :slight_smile:

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Sounds very good ! i like it :slight_smile:
Hope you will soon feel better :wink:


Thanks! Actually do already, but still at home. Freelance-worker, so can work anywhere, but spent the morning on a new track “Crossfader” –– inspired by the Patch&Tweak-files from p125. Could play that silly droning all day.

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Cool music!

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Really feel like I´m getting closer to the “it” I´m looking for. Do you hear it, or is it just me getting too much satisfaction from the tweakin – of course it is a lot about personal preferences, but that aside? I work as a creative, vcv & music is just a hobby, so really feel free to roast this as much as you like, the nastier the better :skull:

The patch photo:


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Of all the music you display here, I like this one the best. It is the closest to “it”. The Bolero-style underbeat drives the song very nicely. The variety in the pad changes very smoothly and you can feel the rise in tension (and see it in the SoundCloud graph). I didn’t fully care for the sounds in the climax, but some climax was the right thing to do. For a long piece it has a good flow.

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Thanks a lot for listening!

And you’re on to something about the climax-part …

In case anyone is interested to take a closer look, I just shared the “AftWards” -patch


Will try to locate & upload the older ones on my playlist as well.

can´t sleep ––> new track (sorry for the roughness & clicks).

This could play all night.

New one.

This is my first true drone-piece. Got inspired by Omri Cohen & Vult Modulars Day of the Dead -challenge.

The sounds, the drone, is a hommage to my late father, who died of a heart-attack on the 25th of December some years ago. He was a firefighter, and in his younger years a diver. He learned me to swim, which is almost more than I can say that I have done for my kids.

I think I am slowly getting over the loss of my father.

Notes on the audio: 10:30 – 12:20 – might blow your speakers, the levels are really off.

// patchstorage-link //


Uploaded a new song + patch. From my explorations in trying to make a tapeloop-sound, I got interested in making a clock that has a changing bpm-rate.

This is my solution, perhaps not the most elegant, but it works :skull:

Deceleration added to my soundcloud-playlist, find patch & link to soundcould below:

Happy holidaze fellow rackheads.

Will go offline for a week or two, trying to achieve even more slowing down. Will leave you for a while with a crappy recording of my semi-drunken madness gig from my dayjobs Christmas parties after-party. // not vcv //

Showed a colleague (I work at a theatre, so everybody likes creative madness) a insta with my experiment with tapeloops & he asked me to “headline” the afterparty. So I made some more loops & practiced my clarinet and played a 20 minute “live-set”. Which was fun. First approx 7 minutes is the warmup with a “learn english”-cassette. After that my own loops. Enjoy Your holidays however & wherever You are.

And yes, I drank that little Jallu-hotel bottle afterwards. :skull_and_crossbones:

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So much for my offline-iness… Started working on this some ten days ago, and had time to finish it this morning. :skull:

Viginti – dance music for the new decade (try it via patchstorage / chribbe )


Great track! I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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First exit of the rabbit hole that #VCP-49 / Ghosts / put me through. Some easy ambient with “fied recordings” of / from Helsinki metro (samples & ambient):

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I loved the #VCP-50 metalchallenge and although I never got anything done for the challenge, this came out. Again I am using a iphone-recorded sample as starting point, to give the tune some nice and dreamy feel. Hope You enjoy it. :skull: