Playable Sequencer Modules

Here’s what I mean.

  1. Enter notes into your sequencer. This becomes a pattern of notes.
  2. As you play notes on your keyboard, the sequence will be transposed based on the midi notes you play.

Are there any modules that work like this?


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This is essentially possible with every sequencer out there. You just have to put the output of the sequencer into a Summing-Module (which simply adds two voltages) and connect the V/Oct of your keyboard to another input of the Summing-Module. Easiest Module should be Bogaudio SUMS, but the VCV Fundamental MIX at 100% should work too.

Tipp: Connect the output of the SUM into a quantizer, that way the transposed signal will stay in the scale you selected.

Why does this work? V/Oct is linear with C3 representing 0V. Let’s say you play a C4 in your sequence (1V) and hit a C4 on your keyboard (also 1V) that will add up to 2V, which equals C5, so it is transposed one octave up.

And another Tipp: You have to hold down the key, if you release it, it will return to no transposing. If you want to implement a Hold, just insert a sample&hold module between your Keyboard-V/Oct and the SUM - triggered by the Gate-Signal from your keyboard.


That’s great! I will try it out. Thank you so much!

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This is working very well. :slight_smile:

I found that if I plug the gate output from the Phrase-Seq-16 sequencer into the sound module gate, the transposition is held. If I plug the gate from the MIDI-CV to the sound module the transpose is not held. So I built a little hold switch.