Plans on adding a secondary function like Modulargrid?

Im catching myself craving a secondary function dropdown box in the browser and vcv library. Any plans on adding this? not a huge deal but when cruising say “effects” it can be a tad cumbersome in sifting through all the results.

Just like real euro, maybe I need to cut back and work with less. lol

Multiple selection with Ctrl-click works fine for me in the Module Browser.

Is this the kind of feature you miss from the Library on the web?


LOL! I had no idea you could do this! best thing ever. I don’t know if this is a “normal” UI - I don’t think I’ve very seen a multi select menu like this. But it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Holy Shit! lol. Thanks so much @FiroLFO ! Nope that is plenty!

I honestly can’t believe i have never done this in my life with a drop down box. lolz cheers

I tried it with “brand” to see if I would select two brands that way. NG.

Mind blown! Thanks!