Plaits Easter egg

Forgive me if everyone else knows about this - I just came across this on Reddit;


and it really does;


You can also get it to say Synthesis related words. If you set the Morph manually then the attenuator will change the time it takes to say the word.

Not really an Easter egg, this is just one of the many documented modes of Plaits.

The Easter eggs are the things like on Rings where you have to set each knob just exactly right to unlock a string organ or stages where you have to self patch on the BACK of the module to access the drone oscillator.

That is not to say the Vowel and Speech Synth mode is not cool because it is very cool.

In fact if you go to you can see all the banks of words. Each word it can say is a comment followed by a bunch of hex coded that represent it, so you have to scroll through a bunch.

Not today. I get a 404 error.

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Yup. That works.