Pitchshifting Delay with Prism of Perception and Panther Cap possible?

Hello, usually i use a combination of Chronoblob with Blur. That works very well, because Blur could shift in semitons. now i try to patch this with Prism, because of a very well usuable delay and Panther Cap because of the granular quality. Prism with Blur in the feedback loop works, but i struggle with Panther Cap. In which way could i use Panther Cap to record and use incoming audio? in my case the feedback send. as far as i understand a fine pitch shift in Panther Cap should pitch every round in the feedback loop of Prism. Or do i make a mistake?

Best Karl

Hello there, Karl, is it possible to see the patch you have built using Panther Cap and Prism of Perception. I do like the idea of pitch shifting Prism by using Panther Cap. Welcome to the forum.

Panther Cap won’t pitch shift in real time, you need to record audio into it first; it’s a sampler. I would try Clouds for this, or another pitch shifter. There are other things you can do if you experiment with the record and playback triggers with Panther Cap, but I don’t think it would work in the feedback loop of a delay.

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Thank you👍 I supposed that, because i have to push the record button to make Panthercap working. I will use Blur again, or perhaps another pitchshifter.

Here’s a fun thing you can try with Panther Cap, using Panther Cap itself as a pitch shifting delay :slight_smile: You record a short empty loop, and then activate recording again and keep it on. You send your voice to a mixer, and from there to Panther Cap, and a copy of the output of Panther Cap you send to another channel on this mixer. This will be your feedback control. Now, you can play your voice and have Panther Cap process it in real-time, with feedback control :slight_smile: I will try to record a short video with an example.


Nice one Omri, I’ll have to try that. Cheers!

Another thing I like to do is sending fairly quick triggers to the record and play inputs on samplers, so it acts more like a glitchy delay, and repeats short sections of whatever you’ve just played. I have a few patches using Simpliciter for this, but that just changes the speed, Panther Cap would work really well because you can vary the pitch without affecting the playback speed.

hello and thank you for your suggestion, today i tried it. the result is working, but not really in that way i want:

  1. if i use the pitch shift knob in panther cap, it is only a one time shift. not a continuus loop, where every shift is looped to the input. i think, it is a bit complicated.
  2. if i press a key longer, panther cap goes in loop, but with a crackle noise at the end of the loop. i think, that this to eliminate is also a bit complicate.

perhaps i have to combine panther cap with prism in another way.

or use another combination. will see.

Honestly, for what you’re trying to do the best solution is probably to get host FX, and use a free VST pitch shifting plugin. I use the Kilohearts one, which I find much smoother than any of the native VCV modules. Plenty to choose from though.

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Maybe this plugin/vst will do the job you are looking for? It’s available in a ‘Tape Devices’ bundle-4 Vsts for $9.99 at present.

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