Pitch tracking in vcv?

I am curious if anyone has had any luck/have worked with any VST pitch trackers, or know of a way to track pitch of something external (ie. Instruments ran into vcv) inside of vcv.

As far as I know there are no modules dedicated to the task, and Im sure its because this sort of thing is really challenging to do real time, but it would open some crazy possibilities…


Is this what you look for ?


This isnt exactly what you are looking for but might be a piece of the puzzle.

And there is this one :


Yep I’ve used both Entrian Follower and P2V to make a guitar synth patch. It doesn’t track that well, but kind of usable if you play carefully and quite slowly. There’s also a module in Cardinal that works quite well. Great fun!

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Wow right under my nose. Thanks guys!

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Surge XT TreeMonster has a pitch and envelope output and also works quite well:



Im away from computer, can any of these track pitch polyphonically? Can any be wired in a cheeky way to?

Ie.) the classic Chords from clean guitar.

I would be very surprised if there is a polyphonic pitch tracker native to VCV. Can you run Melodyne as a VST?

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Yep all those VCV modules are monophonic. Maybe if you had a hex pickup, and an interface with at least 6 inputs, and then merged them into a poly signal… :wink:

For a polyphonic solution Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar still the best option IMO. Version 3 is supposed to be around the corner, too. So that in VCV’s Host module would be the “best” option I think.

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Oh yeah I forgot about that, keep meaning to try the demo version. I think v3 supports MPE too, there’s someone on YouTube I follow called LoFiLeif, whose whole channel is MIDI guitar. Some of the sounds he gets are quite amazing, not necessarily my thing but impressive. I’ve gone down the route of taking a regular guitar signal and processing the heck out of it with VCV effects patches instead. I do have a Boss SY-1 guitar synth pedal but I just don’t like the sounds.


Yeah, the problem space for pitch tracking guitar (or just solo voice) is much smaller than for pitch tracking/extraction from general audio.

Is that a harmonic, or is it a distinct note?

A phase locked loop (PLL) will track pitch, albeit not in the most precise way. I find that to be it’s charm! Works best with raw waveforms. There’s one available from the library, or you could try patching your own. It only takes a VCO, an XOR gate and a slew limiter. Also, I believe Mutable/Audible Instruments Tides has a pitch tracking mode as well.