Pitch to CV

What modules are there that will allow me to do pitch to CV? I know that there is CV to MIDI and MIDI to CV but this is not what I am looking for.


First one that comes to mind is NYSTHI - HotTuna

it’s too slow to be used as REAL TIME P2V converter…

You mean, dialing in a given semitone and octave and it outputs a constant CV for that? So basically the inverse of what the tuners do?

Following, because it would be fun to run my saxophone into VCV and use it to control oscillators

Same question here to create a Syntablism setup a la DJ Sircut. @pondracer did you find one, or should I hit up someone in the community for a feature request?

I think Antonio took on the challenge and made one:
Nysthi P2V
I used it in this horrendous sounding experimental piece:


I have an updated algorithm coming, failing the same, but FASTER ! :smiley:


You guys are killing me. I’ll have a go!