Pingable/clockable envelope generator

Hey guy, I’m wanting to set an envelope generator’s attack, decay, and release ramp stage lengths in intervals of a clock source (or even hz/ms with accuracy). Ideally, sustain would be set by the gate length. 4ms’s Synchronized Pingable Envelope Generator appears to have the functionality I want.

Seems like there are a few routes I could go: function generators, slew limiters, sample and hold. Rampage looks promising, no luck with Stages. But I’m overwhelmed and coming up short. Thanks.

Mindmeld Shapemaster is an MSEG that gives you complete control over the stages/shape of your envelopes. You will need the commercial version ($30) if you want to hard sync to clock, but with the free version you can trigger from a clock and set the length accurately in Hz or ms.

You can right-click on nodes in graph window to precisely place their horizontal position (time) and vertical position (voltage).

You can use a sustain marker to hold that position while gate is high - the playhead will then continue when gate goes low.

Omri made a great overview video here (the first 7 minutes deal with using it for envelopes)

and Jakub has made a series of deep dive videos into particular features which start here:


Ah, I should have mentioned I am aware of this module. It looks fantastic, however, I am not in a position to afford the commercial version right now - and clock sync is important to me for clocked division and multiplication envelope modulation. I plan on buying it when I can afford it, however, in the meantime, I’m after a substitute. :slight_smile:

Ok sure - but if you know your BPM and are prepared to do a little calculation then the free version of SM can certainly do “hz/ms with accuracy”

Fair point!

Maybe have a look at Instruō cèis: