Ping Pong Looping Sample Player

Wondering If any of the sampler players offer looping back and forth between start and end points ( rather than just looping forward ) I’ve always found that good for looping drones

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OUAIve from biDoo will accept a voltage to scan through a wave, as though you are scrubbing tape back and forth on a tape head. Send it a triangle wave and it will scan a sample back and forth; sync the triangle to tempo and it’ll do it in time; change the range and offset to play back only a portion of the sample

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So If a Sync’d LFO was used it would be possible to create a looping window for a given length , say 1/2 bar etc? That would be cool

You can do it but you’re going to have to do a little arithmetic to tune up the amplitude and offset of the wave to find the right spot!

Or do what I do and just combine two or three LFOs for a loop that’s never the same twice, etc (so not a “loop” per se)

@lee.scanlan My Voxglitch Grain Engine MK2 can sort-of do that type of thing. It’s definitely good at drones. :slight_smile:

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will check that out

nysthi::simpliciter, set the speed to ZERO and modulate with SQUARE, try with different amplitude (the inner LFO)

if you want to scan FWD , set the speed to very low value (like 0.05, for example)

or you can use the TAPE control

Or you can use an LFO external (sqaure), modulating speed via CV control

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