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Howdy all! Figured it was time for my own music thread, as I have finally put out an album with VCV in it. My new pay-what-you-want album Welcome to the Pineappleverse (Jamuary 2021) is out today and features at least 10 songs that were made entirely in VCV, along with some stuff not made in VCV. I hope to be putting out more VCV material in the future, and hope you’ll give my album a listen. :smile:

It is also Bandcamp Friday so go share your appreciation for your favorite musicians. :grin:

If someone is interested in any of the patches from the album, I can see about getting them put on PatchStorage.

I also have a SoundCloud:

Have a great day! :pineapple:

(If someone can tell me how to imbed the Bandcamp player that would be great :joy: I tried but couldn’t get it to work.

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Hey all, my first patch on Patchstorage is here. Go check it out if you want. Cheers :pineapple:

Here’s a demo:

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You just paste the link url on its own and discord does the rest. Don’t try to format it or use the link widget or markdown etc.

so, if you add

you get…

type (or paste) and get…

Thanks man! That was exactly what I needed :grin: :+1:

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Howdy all, I got a new track out today! I made it as a submission for this challenge that you should totally check out. Basically, you have to use some NASA samples in your track, including one of the new ones from the Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars quite recently.

The track is also pay-what-you want (aka free download baby :sunglasses:) on Bandcamp:

I also have 4 new patches out on Patchstorage that you can check out here:

Any and all feedback is appreciated, as I am quite new to this. :grin: Cheers :pineapple: