Pineapple Dave's Musical Explorations and Patches

Howdy all! Figured it was time for my own music thread, as I have finally put out an album with VCV in it. My new pay-what-you-want album Welcome to the Pineappleverse (Jamuary 2021) is out today and features at least 10 songs that were made entirely in VCV, along with some stuff not made in VCV. I hope to be putting out more VCV material in the future, and hope you’ll give my album a listen. :smile:

It is also Bandcamp Friday so go share your appreciation for your favorite musicians. :grin:

If someone is interested in any of the patches from the album, I can see about getting them put on PatchStorage.

I also have a SoundCloud:

Have a great day! :pineapple:

(If someone can tell me how to imbed the Bandcamp player that would be great :joy: I tried but couldn’t get it to work.


Hey all, my first patch on Patchstorage is here. Go check it out if you want. Cheers :pineapple:

Here’s a demo:

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You just paste the link url on its own and discord does the rest. Don’t try to format it or use the link widget or markdown etc.

so, if you add

you get…

type (or paste) and get…

Thanks man! That was exactly what I needed :grin: :+1:

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Howdy all, I got a new track out today! I made it as a submission for this challenge that you should totally check out. Basically, you have to use some NASA samples in your track, including one of the new ones from the Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars quite recently.

The track is also pay-what-you want (aka free download baby :sunglasses:) on Bandcamp:

I also have 4 new patches out on Patchstorage that you can check out here:

Any and all feedback is appreciated, as I am quite new to this. :grin: Cheers :pineapple:

Hey all, Dave here! I have a new track out for Bandcamp Friday that makes use of the Ahornberg Tape Recorder. Basically, an short and first time experiment in tape looping.

Here’s the patch of @Ahornberg 's that I used:

I haven’t messed around with his tape machine a lot yet, but I intend to spend more time learning how to use it creatively, as the module is more powerful than it appears.

I also have three new(ish) patches that you can check out on my Patchstorage:

Hope all of you have a great Friday, whether it be making or listening to music.

Cheers – Dave :pineapple:

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More of that, please! that’s nice. well done.

I need to try out the tape recorder. looks cool.

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Happy Bandcamp Friday everyone! Out today is my new ambient EP, Reflections. It is a chill and immersive project that hopefully is pleasing to your ears. It was all made in my DAW (Tracktion Waveform Free) using samples I’d picked up and plenty of effects. (Including a VCV sample here and there :wink: )

I hope to have more VCV based music out soonish. :crossed_fingers: I’m working on my submission for vcp challenge #62 which should come out in time for the submission deadline.

Btw, here’s my latest patch on Patchstorage:

As always, hope y’all have a great day, wherever and whoever you are.

Cheers – Dave :pineapple:


I might have to make some more of that in the future, perhaps a tape EP? :thinking: Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

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I’m only halfway through the last track and it is an EP on its own. Love all of the constantly changing moods and the injections of various effects. Nicely done.

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Thank you so much! :smile: Perhaps I will do some more half-speed pieces.

hello @Pineapple_Dave !

I’m swimming in a pool of well-being listening to your music. I am totally hooked on the nostalgic and bewitching sounds. Bravo ! :v:

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Glad you like it! :smile: :pineapple:

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Hey all, I finally remembered to upload one of my finished patches from my stockpile. Hope y’all find a fun use for it. :smile:

On another note, I have some new music out today! A 4-track EP of House tunes to be exact. If you like to dance, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

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It’s finally here! I’d like to present to you my debut VCV album, Sonance.

I am so excited to share this with all of you. It’s been quite the journey and I can’t wait for the next leg of it. If you want to learn more about the album, I encourage you to read the bio given on the Bandcamp page. My thanks goes out to all the YouTube educators who made VCV make sense to me. Without them this music wouldn’t have ever existed.

I put all the patches (except for the one that I accidentally overwrote :sob:) on Patchstorage if you want to have a look at the tracks under the hood.

I hope y’all have a great day!

Sincerely, Pineapple Dave :pineapple:


Hey all, it’s been a while, but I wanted to share with you my new experimental dark ambient/noise music album. It’s definitely not for gentle ears, but it was largely made in VCV with a horde of really wack sounds and samples. Happy Halloween! Cheers, Pineapple Dave :pineapple:


Nailed it with that “Auditory Abrasions” track (partly because, oddly enough, it’s less abrasive than the others). Really like the intro on this one too :+1:

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :grin: