Pico Drums: new for VCV Rack

New from Erica Synths & Raphaël Hoffman (Hora Modules).

Drum module with 2 independent drum triggers, 64 samples.

User Manual

Available in the plugin manager!


What a nice surprise! I’ve been loving the other Erica modules and just had a little play with this. Its really useful and fun!

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Sure ! I love it too, might become my go to drums in Vcv :blush:

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this plus cf disto is screechy fun.

They sound and look great, thanks Latif!
Well, I should say: Thanks Raphaël Hoffman!

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I’ve been just playing with it a bit, and there’s a lot of nice sounds in there. I particularly like the “Tocata and Fugue…” :slight_smile: But… The multi-function CTRL knob is very weird. It can’t be MIDI mapped, which is a great shame, particularly here, and it requires many many release-grab-turn cycles of the mouse to actually get through settings which is… not nice. Plus it’s overly easy to trigger the multifunction/colors of the knob. This is quite a shame and hampers usability a lot.

Having some fun with the new little drums. They pack a good punch :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me why I can’t see any Erica modules in my plugin-manager? I’m on Linux with everything fully updated.

Did you check this :


This is great news! I regret having sold my pico drums!

Better MIDI control would be good… would be a nice little module that just takes one knob and two buttons on the midi controller…

Just a note for everyone, cause I was missing this: You can easily change the drum samples, in the plugin’s res directory is the sample folder. nice!

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Just a note on replacing samples with user samples, they must have the exact identical name as the one that you are replacing.
Else you will have a crashing module, that crashes VCV.