Phonogene "advance to next slice"

which module do you suppose is easiest to record and then immediately begin jumping thru each of the 8 or 16 slices chonologically via a trigger? i know a bunch of modules do it, haven’t tried them all. which one is least number of steps to achieve this?

You mean audio right? Probably Nysthi Simpliciter. I’m not aware of anything else that can do it.


thats the one. its very close but missing my favorite feature from the phonogene:

(pasted from nysthi github requests:

one feature from the Phonogene/Morphagene that I really miss:

In Grid mode: a trigger advances to next slice.

I use the Phonogene and Morphagene strictly for the automatic evenly spaced grid of slices, and then to advance through the slices chronological order using a trigger or clock signal. I never create my own slices. Would absolutely love this feature to be added to the Simpliciter polyphonic module!!