Phasor (Nysthi) and Mixer 8 (Squinky Labs) & polyphony?

Well, with the Sums module you can get the same effect as having a poly mixer, but for me, the most fun is to process them and pan them differently so it’s easier to split them.


I use it quite often in streams though i’m not that concerned about the lack of poly.

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In fact… You’re absolutely right. I don’t regret to have post this question since I know that’s normal behavior and know a little bit more about the concept!

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Same here.
For the record, I wasn’t suggesting it should be poly earlier, just that it is used.

If you want a polyphonic mixer why not use Poly Mix?

I haven’t had time to try them… And to be honest, one single track is quite spacy! But I will! Sure. Thanks for it!

What do mean by spacey?

The screen capture shows a 4 track mixer right?
How many hp for that? But ok, since we are in a virtual environments, it doesn’t really matter! I’ll see if your modules are CPU efficient since my laptop is a good but really old one! :wink: BTW, They’re looking great!

  1. How many HP would it be if it did not have polyphonic inputs!?

OK. I apologies for that. I just gave it a try and I understand, now. So sorry! Great work, really.

no need to apologies.

I love phasor…

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Agreed, I’m literally streaming it right now. And I take back what i said, a poly version would create numerous possibilites.
edit (to say that i’m about to stop but Phasor is right in the centre of my screen)

Mixer-8 is not polyphonic. Of course the version for VCV 0.6 can’t be, and it’s not in 1.0 either. Will we make a poly mixer some day? Perhaps.

Ok! After that discussion, I have a much better idea of how all that works.
Thanks a lot for all your stuff.

No :sweat_smile:

LOL - thanks for the [backhanded] compliment. We don’t have any dreams of taking over the mixer universe at the moment. There are so many good and different mixers in VCV. But if yours uses too much CPU (like the one we copied) I can tell you it’s super easy to fix :wink:

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Well it’s not too bad on CPU. Iv’e not seen it go over 1% on my machine anyway. Could probably optimise it a bit more.

If it doesn’t need it, why spend the time? sounds like yours is fine. Just don’t call sin() or cos() 16 times every sample :wink:

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After all:

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