PES protocol is really cool. Consider supporting it in your modules.

I recently ran into Aria’s “PES” protocol. There are a few module out there that support it. Soon mine will, too.

It lets you set two modules to use the same scale using a single polyphonic cables. It is limited to scales that repeat every octave and have 12 tones.

If you are interested, you can find more information here


My only comment is: in the scl/kbm community the scale is the list of notes and frequencies and the mapping is the selection of which keys map to which scale positions

To me pes looks like a mapping file for 12tet (or at least fully specified 12 note repetition interval 2 scales) where each slot n is either n or an x for skip

So folks coming from a world with a more flexible concept of scale may find that description useful?

That limitation is mentioned in every post about it. Do you think it needs to be emphasized more?

I meant to highlight the use of “mapping” as opposed to “scale” as a term of art and I did think it might be useful when I shared it but your reply makes me think I misjudged :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. Thx!

New test versions of my modules posted. Added PES to Harmony modules.

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