Performance Question - Windows 10

I have a fairly robust system. 16 GB ram, 8 core AMD (8530). I have Rack open with just ONE module open… (“Audio 8”) I have a firewire Saffire Pro 40 Audio interface.

Why is the CPU Timer scale in Red pegging 98% ??? The performance of VCV rack is just atrocious since I have upgraded to 1.0 (now 1.1.1) So much so that I can only get reasonable sound (that isn’t distorted or choppy) in pretty small patches… l’ve tried adjusting the Engine settings … which make slight changes (by a few percentage points) but makes no dent in this terrible predicament!!!

Is there anyway to improve this?

98% means you have 98 % of cpu left… That means rack with 1 module uses 2 % of your cpu
As for the audio problem, my guesses would be , either one of your voices is clipping through a reverb (or something like that) either a problem with your audio driver, but idk about his one, because ASIO usally works well

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Increasing your buffer size (the “256” in your screenshot) will almost certainly help with the choppy audio.

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Check out this thread of tips to improve performance: A Couple of Tips for VCV Rack Performance on Older MacBooks

Changing the framerate limit helped my Windows system a lot.

Wow… That’s NOT how I intuitively interpret it. Usually, the bottom of the scale means it uses “less” and pegging near the top means “almost full”…!!!
Ok… So then this brings up a couple more questions… In this current example, The ONLY module I had for this illustration was what you see There are no other modules in this. I wanted to see if just this ONE module by itself made any difference. If I add other modules… (let’s say for example I just create a “new” set with the default QWERTY keyboard driven patch: Fundamental OSC, ADSR, 4 part Mixer etc… ) All of the other modules will show a tiny fraction… like 1% or 2% and typically something like “.2us " or .5us” (note that’s with a decimal in the FRONT of the value!) .
So in these Other modules … if it says say 2% … are you saying that that in all the other modules are using 98% of the CPU? OUCH! That can’t be good either!!!

My worry at the moment is that there is some incompatibility, Particularly with VCV rack and My ASIO interface… which is a Firewire interface. I’m wondering if something is not working correctly with the 11394 Texas Instruments driver in the latest update of Windows 10. I used to be able to open a fairly large Rack configuration with 20 or more modules , with a reasonable low latency buffer size at 48 khz. Now, The lowest sample rate and highest Buffersize doesn’t seem to make any difference on performance.

It’s more about what resources are available. If the Audio module is showing 90% that means it has 98% available, no that it is using 98%.

for every other module it means what you think it means: how much resources it uses, and more means it uses more processing power.

in the case of the core audio modules it means the opposite: how much resources you have left. in fact the audio module uses this available amount of resources to sleep, because there is not enough for it to process. so in your screenshot it sleeps 98.8% of the available processing time.

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Ok… so I am noticing New performance issues in the latest version of VCV Rack (v1.1.6?) Now when I run it on my Big PC (AMD 8 cores) With a modest patch, The Application routinely “freezes” the app header says “Not responding” and I see the dreaded Windows 10 Hour glass. All visual activity freezes. The sound of the patch is fine , No glitches or crackles…but. I can do nothing with the mouse until after about 3 to 5 minutes the application comes back from not responding. I check the Rescource monitor and I don’t see anything, (CPU Memory or Disk) pegging or filling up available capacity. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I am running Win10 Pro on a Ryzen and don’t have that problem. What audio device are you using? I use WASAPI most of the time or ASIO into Reaper. Make sure other software that might hog the system, like web browsers, are closed when running Rack. Are your audio drivers the latest?

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Sorry I did not respond to this sooner. Oddly the issue seems to have passed. In my recent explorations in Rack I have not had this issue come up… I have no idea why? maybe a recent Windows update fixed it? who knows… but it seems to be working fine now. I DO use ASIO… :slight_smile: