Pendulum Wave Visualizer Ideas?

I’m working on a patch that lets you control the drift of clocks based on a pendulum wave. I would love to add a visualizer based on JW’s Thing Thing. Is there a way to add other simple pendulums rather than adding angle to the same pendulum?

I’m thinking about trying to learn how to code one, but thought I would check the forum first to see if there is already something similar or if someone else was interested in trying to build something. Ideally, it could accept 16 signals to run 16 different simple pendulums and the length of each would be determined by an incoming frequency or clock signal. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the work in progress patch if anyone is interested!

Offset Marimbas.vcv (12.9 KB)

isn’t a pendulum similar to a sine wave, or rather half a sine? so should be able to build it with some sine LFOs that have V/Oct or frequency input… Not tried, so just theorizing, hoping I understood what you are after…

The closest I’ve gotten to the visual I am looking for so far is using the NYSTHI Graphic Meter to show LFOs synced to the clocks. There might be a way to do this with a 2D plotter, but I haven’t cracked it yet.

I got the 2D plotter hooked up. Using the clocks to control the x and y positions. It’s closer to the effect I am trying to get, but here the heights are arbitrarily set rather than being controlled by the clock speed.