Pendulate (free synth)

Since you can never have enough synths in your host plug-in:


Seems very interesting ! I think i’ll soon try it :slight_smile:

That’s delightful! Thanks for the link!

I’ve been messing a lot with this since it came out (yesterday), and it’s really going for the whole Buchla waveshaping and LPG thing, combined with a really strange oscillator. And it has a random button! Randomizes everything but the master output. Everything should have that. :smiley:


Having fun with it now. Thank you for letting us now. I also recommend glitchachines stuff that you can use in your DAW for modular generating/sampling/making effects (or in VCV). They’re sold very often on Plugin Boutique for low price.

It’s a rich sounding little beast. I like it. MPE mode is giving me a bit of trouble though. As soon as I hit MPE it stops outputting. I’ve tried it in 3 DAWs so far and it’d the plugin not my DAWs. I don’t know if it doesn’t like the flavour of MPE that my Sensel Morph is sending to it. Other MPE capable plugins I have seem to like it well enough. I’ve raised a ticket with NewFangledAudio but I’ve yet to get them past the “maybe it’s your system” stage of thinking. Maybe they’re overwhelmed after the launch … It’s a loss leader after all. Could be they’re not bothered ?

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