Pen Tablets and Touchscreens with Rack


I’ve been trying to use VCV Rack with my touch enabled Wacom Cintiq with varied results. It does work, but the controls (knobs, sliders, etc.) tend fly all over the place. Patching of the cables works great.

Is there any way for me to optimize this so it will work better, because I really enjoy it on a touchscreen or with the pen.

I’m on Mac OSX 10.11

Apologies if this was already been asked. I tried to search it.


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(Jeff Check) #2

i was wondering the same thing. i’m working on a 4k touch screen and it would be cool to use the all the touch capabilities. although touch screen does not compete w a good mouse IMO.

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Yeah, I agree about the mouse. I’m not really expecting perfection or multitouch gestures. Just having it be a little more manageable where the knobs don’t float when I touch them. For instance, in Ableton prior to Live 10, you could go into the options.txt file and set it to “Absolute” mode so it was usable with pen tablets.

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(Andrew Belt) #4

This is asked about once a week, so I’ve added it to the FAQ.


Just did the “allow cursor lock” json trick… Big thumbsup! Much much much better now. :heart_eyes:
I knew there had to be a way to tame it.

many thanks

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