PC noise / interference on live input

Off topic for VCV really, but I play a lot of guitar into rack. I recently got a new audio interface, which is fairly decent, and also upgraded my desktop PC. The noise level using the new interface was acceptable connected to a laptop, but after hooking it up the upgraded PC it’s terrible! I’m guessing it’s due to the larger power supply, fans and general EM output from a PC… Anyway, just wondered if anyone else records electric guitar or acoustic instruments with a PC and had any tips for reducing the noise? Cheers!

I had an issue with a Focusrite USB interface that would pick up all kinds of internal noise, especially processor ‘thinking’ noise (seriously it was like back the noise loading a game from tape on my old home micro) and I improved things by moving every device other than the audio interface onto a different USB header so that the interface had an internal USB header to itself. So maybe try that first to see if it improves matters.