Paz's music


NOTES: Every voice but one was done totally in VCV Rack 2 Pro; the one that wasn’t created in VCV was sequenced in VCV and then sent to Bitwig using the CV-MIDI module to play the nylon string guitar (from MG Soft Nylon Guitar (Lite) – pianobook). All VCV voices were mutli-track recorded in Bitwig for mixing/mastering.


Track name: Forest Infinity

NOTES: I wanted to try something different this week, and use VCV Rack as the generative sequencer but use more organic sounds. I used a simpler rack than normal and routed the various NoteSeq’s out of VCV into MIDI channels which I routed to various instances of Spitfire LABS to play most of the actual music.

I think I’m probably the first person in the world to make generative spa music.


Track Name: Pieces

NOTES: This is a pretty simple patch, several of the voices are native VCV Rack module chains, and then I used Luftrum’s Lunaris for some of the atmosphere and Spitfire LABS’ Peel Guitar for some occasional interest.